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Anonymous said: I don't know about anyone else, but I have a weird sense of privacy. It used to be so bad (with anxiety and such) I wouldn't eat in the same room as another person, and resulted in #disordered eating. It's still the same way with other things though like brushing my teeth, reading, or even having a simple phone/text conversation.

I am weird about privacy, too. I have nothing to hide from anyone, but I HATE when anyone uses my computer or my phone. Especially my phone.

Phone calls are very uncomfortable for me if I feel like anyone else is listening, even if they don’t care about the conversation I’m having. Just the fact that someone else is overhearing me on the phone is enough to make me crazy with anxiety. It’s incredibly inconvenient for working at an office job. Or any other job where I have to talk to people.

And just simply having people in my home invades my sense of privacy. It takes quite a while after they leave for me to feel comfortable again, and if they have been in my home for an extended time, I sometimes have to leave and then come back later before it feels truly MINE again.

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like what the fuck is the difference between an excuse and a reason. i have literally no idea! everything feels like im just making excuses and honestly i really am just making excuses most of the time but…

THIS. I got in trouble all the time when I was a kid because instead of just apologizing when I’d apparently done something wrong, I would try to explain the reasons why I did it to hopefully show whoever was upset why they didn’t need to be. ‘Stop making excuses and just say you’re sorry!’ Except I’m not sorry, I did that on purpose and I want you to understand WHY.

I had huge problems with authority figures when I was young. This is a main reason why.

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