Anonymous asked: Do you have a tattoo/thinking of getting one?



I like this. Too many people are covered in tattoos, but freckles and moles and scars are a hell of a lot more interesting.

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Anonymous asked: I'm an INTJ and I try to see both good and bad in a person, but people keep accusing me of always looking for things to dislike instead of positives. Does this happen to others?


I guess so… yes. INTJs have a very analytical approach for situations and persons. We aren’t as empathetic as others and therefore often don’t even realize that we hurt a persons feelings with the things we say. INTJs have a very special way to formulate sentences as well and it happens quite often that others just misunderstand us. We are often incredibly serious when we are actually being sarcastic which leads to misunderstandings as well. And INTJs are not as enthusiastic about positive aspects as others which is why positive utterances can also come across negative.



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My favorite kind of day.
I really kicked ass at running today, despite my sensor fucking up at the beginning of my sixth mile. It’s amazing how regularly training with extra weight makes such a difference when running without the pack.

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